So every year in November (for the past 3 years at least!) DotNetNuke has been part of the DevConnections conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year (2010) will be no different as DotNetNuke Connections is back (This year’s conference is scheduled for 11/1-11/4/2010) and guess what? I can tell you how to get to go to the conference for free! (travel to/from Las Vegas not included)

How, might you ask? Well if you didn’t know this already, people who are selected to give a presentations at DotNetNuke Connections are also given a free entry into the conference (likely a $1400-1500 value) and 4 nights lodging at the Mandalay Bay Casino and Hotel. If you’ve never stayed at the Mandalay Bay it is an awesome place, and it is also the location where DevConnections is held.

So what’s the catch? Well, you need to be selected to speak at the conference, and in order to do that you need to submit some topics! The Call For Speakers went out a few weeks ago, and is only open for another couple of days!

So here’s what you need to do. Come up with a list of ideas on what you would like to speak on. The topic front is wide open, you can submit as many topics as you like, I would hope that you would choose one related to DotNetNuke in order to increase your chances of being selected! Once you have your list of topics you should come up with descriptions for each of those topics.

You don’t need to go ahead and create the presentations yet, you may as well wait until you find out which topics are selected, then you can create the materials for those. I would suggest coming up with topics/descriptions on something you are interested in presenting on, it will make your life a lot easier when it comes to creating the materials and delivering them at the conference.

In order to maximize the value of things speakers will be selected for at least two sessions, so based on that information, if you only submit one topic you likely won’t get considered! You should submit many topics, more than you actually want to present, to increase your odds of getting selected.

What kind of topics is DotNetNuke Connections looking for? Everything DotNetNuke related! Don’t just think of this conference as one for developers, or one for designers, or one for administrators. DotNetNuke Connections is for everyone! So I encourage you to submit topics about anything relating to DNN, development, design, implementation, to other cool things you can see the platform used for.

What if I’ve never presented at a DotNetNuke Conference in the past? If you’ve never presented before don’t worry, for these conferences there is always the opportunity for new blood! Getting up in front of hundreds of your peers is a great experience.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity I’ve been given the past few years to present in Vegas and look forward to hopefully being selected to present again this year!

Why should I submit some topics for DotNetNuke Connections? To get in to the conference and four nights hotel for free! To gain the respect and admiration of your DotNetNuke peers. To show your boss that you are an expert in your field. It’s Vegas baby!

I encourage everyone to get your submissions in before March 31, 2010 when the Call For Speakers closes.

See you in Las Vegas!

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