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I’ve been meaning to make some changes to the skin I was using on for a couple of weeks now. Basically it was running the MultiFunction Free DotNetNuke Skin that I created/released back in May. I wanted to make the “Home” skin use a different header image than the other pages, meaning the home page would have a larger header graphic, and the other pages would have a smaller graphic.

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If you are in the mid west and looking for a new job, you should check out this position with United Benefit Advisors. They are looking for a developer to work with DotNetNuke on a variety of projects. You can find out more information on their Monster Listing, or via the Forum post on

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If you are interested in presenting a session (or three) at DotNetNuke World in Orlando in November time is running out to get your sessions submitted!

You have until June 8th to get them in. Even if you haven’t spoken at a DotNetNuke Conference in the past we are looking for new talent, new ideas, and new topics!

So head on over to the speaker submission page and get started, obviously the more sessions you submit the better your chances are for being picked!

DotNetNuke World is November 9th through 11th, 2011, and will be held in Orlando Florida. What happened to DotNetNuke Connections? Well, while doing the conference in Las Vegas the past few years, we’ve grown up, and it’s time to do our own show! Having our own show, and having it in Orlando offers a lot of benefits. 1) It’s far cheaper for you to attend compared to Las Vegas. 2) it is easily accessible for our DotNetNuke user’s in Europe. 3) You can easily turn it into a family vacation, as I hear there are a few things that families might be interested in around there.

DotNetNuke Training

We will once again have some pre-conference training available, the topics and registration information for those will be announced within the next couple of weeks.

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If you haven’t checked out the DotNetNuke Video Library lately, you really should, there is a lot of great content in there. I just uploaded 5 new videos as part of a new series that I am recording.

Beginning DotNetNuke Module Development, creating a Task Manager module for DNN. This will be a series of videos that get created over the next couple of months revolving around the creation of an open source Task Manager module. The module will be part of the DotNetNuke Forge, and the source code will be hosted on

The first videos show you how to get up and running with a new project, creating the project in Visual Studio using a template, how to install the module, and how to create the module in the Forge and how to use Codeplex for source control. The next round of videos (coming in the next couple of weeks) will get you into the development aspects of DotNetNuke.

You can check out the first 5 videos now in the Video Library, or using these direct links.

  1. Task Manager Series Introduction
  2. Creating the Task Manager Project
  3. Task Manager solution overview and installation
  4. Creating a project in the DotNetNuke Forge
  5. Adding your source code to TFS on Codeplex
  6. More coming soon!

For a continually updated list of the videos in the series, check out the Module Development Wiki page which has the videos listed, and will be updated as new videos are added.

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I had hoped to finish up my Community Server to DotNetNuke blog series tonight, but I realized there is just too much less to cover! I’m working tonight to get the HTTPModule that I created to handle the URL mapping from CommunityServer to DotNetNuke URLs into codeplex. I haven’t touched the code in a few months, and for simplicity sake I had just created using my standard DotNetNuke Module Template, which contains way more information than is necessary for a simple HTTPModule. I’m ripping out the module code and working on cleaning up the project/manifest so it will install properly as just an HTTPModule.
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This is the sixth post in a series of blog posts about converting from CommunityServer to DotNetNuke. It has been far too long since Part 5, apologies for that! A brief background: I had a number of websites running on CommunityServer 2.1, I decided it was finally time to ditch CommunityServer due to the change in their licensing model and pricing that made it not good for the small guy. This series of blog posts is about how to convert your CommunityServer based sites to DotNetNuke.
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Over the past few weeks I’ve been feeling awful open source like. We come from an open source background, and we, DotNetNuke Corporation, are still very very committed to stick with those roots. So I put together a couple of releases for projects I work on, and created a new project as well.

Read the full blog post to find out about

Wiki Module v4.5 almost ready for Release
The World’s Best Free DotNetNuke Skin
An Update to the DNNSimpleArticle Module

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Well it has been four days since MultiFunction, The World’s Best Free DotNetNuke Skin was released, and over 104 people have downloaded it from the codeplex site. You can see it in action on our demo site 

Have you tried it out? If so, let me know what you think of it. I’m open to suggestions, though I don’t promise to implement all of them!

Have you found the commented out DIV tag yet? Know what it is for? Perhaps I’ll turn that on in a future release for all to see Open-mouthed smile

If you are using the skin and want to be included in our list of Links be sure to fill out the Contact form on the MultiFunction demo site.

If you haven’t tried it yet, go download the skin!

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Are you looking for the World’s Best Free DotNetNuke Skin? Well, have I got just the one for you. MultiFunction, you can find it now on Codeplex, or check out the Demo web site to see it in action. Now for some specifics. Did he really just call it “World’s Best”? Sure, but where’s the proof? What, my word isn’t good enough? Here’s the background as to why I created the world’s best free DotNetNuke skin. For those of you who know me, you likely know I have a domain problem. Mainly, I have too many of them. Along with that problem goes another problem, too many websites. All of those websites (except for two) are running on DotNetNuke. And they all had different skins, different layouts, different everything.
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DotNetNuke Training Year in Review

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been here at DotNetNuke Corporation now for just over 14 months. In May 2010 we started offering our DotNetNuke Training webinars on a regular basis, this program has been rather successful in it’s first year.

Over the past year we’ve basically offered four core webinars, Portal Admin, Content Admin, Module Dev and Skinning. These were offered on a monthly or semi-monthly basis for the past year. Anyone who paid for one of these courses got access to the recordings for the course for 30 days after they were delivered. This has worked out well from a training perspective, you can see some of the feedback we’ve received from various students over the past year on the Instructor page. Due to the frequency of the courses and the limited bandwidth I have as the sole deliverer of those materials, we haven’t been able to grow our training materials and offer new courses as I would have liked.

Read the full blog post for details about our DotNetNuke Training Subscription!

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