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It is a very common question, and asked all over the place, twitter, the forums, blogs, etc. Who do you use for DotNetNuke Hosting? Well, I have recently spent some time moving all of my websites around, and figured I would do a quick post on what I am currently using for hosting.

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If you follow any of my blogs, you may remember all the discussion last fall about Movember. Yes, you read that correctly, Movember, take the N in November and replace it with an M, Movember!

Why would you ever rename November to Movember? To raise awareness for cancers that affect men, primarily prostate cancer, but others as well. The basic premise of Movember is this, for the entire month, you grow a mustache. How simple is that? Start on November 1st, clean shaven, and finish on November 30th, clean shaven except for your mustache! All while raising awareness, and money for research into cancers that affect men.

The Personal Connection

Earlier this year my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. While he is fortunate that they believe it to be caught very early there is always the risk that it can spread, He is getting ready to start the process of treatment. So obviously, my connection to Movember this year is even stronger than last year.

Movember 2010

Last year we formed a DotNetNuke team on, which we plan to do again this year, just as soon as they open up the process. I’ll post a blog, and update this blog post as well, with a link to the team and how you can join.

We had 38 folks join the team, and a lot more donate to the cause. While not everyone who joined the team worked for DotNetNuke Corporation, a number of the members were from our offices around the world. Check out this slide show comparing some of the employees to famous Mo’s (mustaches)

Then of course there is the fact that last year I said if I personally raised $1,000, I would shave my head at the end of the month. Well, I did, and I did.

To be honest, my wife was NOT happy about the head shaving thing, and most of the office was pretty put off by it as well! I won't be making that challenge again, not this year, but perhaps I will come up with something.

Goal for 2011

In 2010 we raised almost $7k for Movember, for 2011 we’re setting a goal of $10k, doable, but it is definitely going to take some work to get there! We’re going to need to grow our team, and we’re going to need to get everyone involved to try and raise money. I think everyone should set a goal

Getting Ready

So you have just under two months to start getting ready for Movember. Most importantly, prep your significant other for the fact that you are going to grow the mustache! If you can't grow a MO, then perhaps you can find a surrogate to do it for you!

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If you didn’t hear the news, DotNetNuke 6.0.1 was released yesterday, check out Joe’s blog post for more details.

On that note, I put out two new open source releases as well. I updated DNNSimpleArticle with a fix for DNN6 and made made a few other minor changes. As always, the module is released in C# and you can get the installable package, or the source package over on If you want to see the module in action check out

I also released an update for Multifunction, the World’s Best Free DotNetNuke Skin. It has a minor CSS fix for DNN6 (and 6.0.1). I also removed the custom actions menu it was using in favor of the new DotNetNuke 6 specific actions menu. MultiFunction is a C# skin, with both install and source packages available from

Be sure to rate both releases when you download!

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If you don’t know Will Strohl, you are one of the lucky ones. He’s an annoying guy, a total lunatic when it comes to DotNetNuke, but even that can’t fix his flaws.

You can however help fix one of the flaws of the “Mighty” Will Strohl. Will has a problem, he can’t afford collared shirts. Seriously. if you’ve ever met him you know this.

Check out this public service announcement for Will.

Now, here’s a challenge for you, two of them actually.

1) Bring your un-needed collared shirts (size XL) to DotNetNuke World in Orlando in Florida. Will needs them.

2) Make your own video for Will! Actually, provide your own audio track. I created the video and audio in about 30 minutes. I’m looking for people who can come up with a better audio track for the video, come up with something funny, something sad, something crazy, I don’t care! Just download the original WMV file (right click, save as) for the video and remove the audio, add your own. Then upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, and tweet the link to the video with #Collars4Will in the message.

Disclaimer: this video was generated out of necessity, check out the video that Will made for me a while back.

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DotNetNuke 6 Videos


In case you didn’t hear, DotNetNuke 6 was released yesterday. In preparation for the release I went up to our Engineering office in Langley Canada (I work out of our San Mateo, California office) to sit down with some of our developers and have them do some demonstrations of some of the new features in DotNetNuke 6.

These are all relatively short videos, with the goal of them being under 10 minutes, one or two is slightly longer than that. They are all free to watch! Here’s a listing of those videos, and URLs to them in the DotNetNuke Video Library. In no particular order.

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So you are excited about DotNetNuke 6, yes? No? Well you should be! It was released today. If you are excited about the new TextProvider, the RadEditorProvider then you are going to love DotNetNuke 6. Unless of course you are doing an upgrade, then unfortunately you won’t get the provider! Why? Well, unfortunately a slight oversight in the packaging process missed the RadEditorProvider in the Upgrade package. But never fear, the fix is simple!
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Big thangs baby, today is a big day in the world of .NET. DotNetNuke 6 has been released. I won’t go into all of the details, Joe Brinkman has done that with a blog post over on, but I will cover some of the highlights. First though, a little Too Short – Big Thangs (lyrics NSFW, and may be offensive, it is rap, get over it) (read the full post)
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I received an email earlier this week from a company called the MarketGraphics Research Group. They are looking to fill an “Advanced Programmer and Analyst” position, I am assuming out of their Franklin Tennessee office. If you’re a DotNetNuke developer, or able to quickly get up and running on DotNetNuke (check out the DotNetNuke Training Subscription if you need to get up to speed) you should give the position a gander. Read the full post for more info
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So this year will be my 3rd year, (would be my 4th if I hadn’t bailed at the last minute on year 1), that I will be speaking at the St. Louis Day(s) of .Net. If you haven’t been to the STLDODN you should definitely check it out. It is a great two day event, and at $125 (if you register by 7/8/2011) the price can hardly be beat!

The event is being held this year on August 5th and 6th, 2011. Again at the Ameristar Casino in St. Charles, MO, about 10 minutes from where I used to live (two moves ago now).

Read the full blog post for all the details.

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DotNetNuke 6 is coming, DotNetNuke 6 is coming! That’s right, we’re getting close, close enough that we had our first “beta” for DNN6 today. While we’ve had a couple of CTP (community technology preview) releases, the beta today has quite a bit of things wrapped up and addressed.

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